Monday, August 25, 2008

Yes, Gramma, There is a Cafeteria

This post is dedicated to my Gramma, who asks, "Is there a cafeteria on campus?" The biggest and most famous is the Frank Sinatra Cafeteria, which is advertised as being the only place on campus at which to get a hot meal. I have discovered, though, that the cafeteria in the Humanities Building, where our Hebrew immersion classes are held, also serves hot meals although I haven't eaten at either joint. I can tell you that at the cafe in the latter, the dudes who make my coffee every morning know me as "Americano im halav" (americano with a little hot milk, G) because that's my order. Today, however, I said they should call me "Canadiano." Also, scattered around campus are cafes, healthfood kiosks with smoothies and juices, and vending machines with regular junkfood (which take credit cards when the caf's don't) as well as microwavable meals, complete with microwave close by. I won't starve, but I'd rather save myself for Annette Metzuyenit's crepes - I will miss her and Michelle when they leave this Thursday.

I usually take food with me to campus: a granola bar, half a pita with hummus and/or eggplant salad, a plum or an apple (but not figs because they'd get crushed and that would just upset me and I wouldn't be able to concentrate thinking about crushed, inedible figs when I know that when I pack one that it's all I can think about till I eat it and the disappointment of not having it would be too much to bear)(yes, i thought about writing that in scripto continuum)(I have my figs for breakfast because they start the day off right).

Tomorrow Joseph and I are off to the shuk - the food shuk. It's said to be a foodies' paradise, at better prices than the grocery store. It's really obvious to say this, but I'm so excited. We planned it for tomorrow so that we wouldn't have to fight the Shabbat crowds. And, really, I have a bohan! tomorrow so I'd better get back to studying. A bohan! is a quiz; I like to put an exclamation mark after it to increase my excitement about being tested.


Anonymous said...

Gramma will so love having you dedicate that blog to her. You are a sweetheart. I'll print a copy for her. I love your story about the figs. Have fun at the food shuk! You always make me hungry when I read your blogs! Love you - Mom

Julie said...

Why do you continue to taunt me with blog content about fresh figs? Damn you!