Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tel Hazor II

Getting here: I love that the majority of signs in Israel are in Arabic, Hebrew and English.

The roof that was constructed to cover the palace/temple at Tel Hazor.

The view of our site, A3, from atop this roof! To get the dirt we had dug out of the area, we formed a bucket chain - swinging each full bucket from hand to hand - and piled all the buckets at the base of the ladder. Then, each bucket would be hoisted up the ladder, along another chain to where we would dump the buckets full of dirt into two wheelbarrows. From here, the barrows were wheeled to a huge pile where the dirt was dumped. This would be done between four and eight, sometimes ten, times a day. I'm pretty sure bucket chains were my favourite part of the dig - we joked and laughed, played music and sang, helped each other and coached each other. Bucket chains were definitely a huge part of 'the fantastic-ness that is Area A,' as Cat put it. The man in the white t-shirt is Ron, our area supervisor.

Cat, Joelle and Sarah. Looking east; I'm pretty sure that's the Golan in the distance, or at least the southern part of the Golan.

Ryan and Dan. Looking west; those are the Naphtali hills in the distance.

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