Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Hazor

As a heads-up, folks, you can click on the photos to enlarge them - I'm putting them up in the smallest of the sizes available for uploading, with the knowledge that you can do this clicking-magic and see them in greater detail.

On our way to the end-of-season feast. Usually, we would arrive at the tel in the dark of the early morning, and arriving as the light was fading felt magical.

Approaching the storehouse, lit with many-coloured electric lights for the festivities.

Finding a spot.

I turned around from my seat at the table to take this photo. On either side, stone slabs that are around 3000 years old, in the near distance are cows and horses grazing, in the far distance are the Naphtali hills. Can you tell I'm fascinated by the Naphtali hills? I think it's the word, 'Naphtali.'

My superamazing roomie at the kibbutz, Sonja, showing off the juglette she had found on her first day of excavating. Originally from Denmark, she has called Sydney, Australia home for the past 30 years, and to add to her coolness, she shares the same birthday as my Mom, her son is also a Jason, and her daughter's first name is Jane, although she doesn't go by this.

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