Saturday, January 27, 2007


How interesting that one of the comments I received for entries to my blog ('An Ode to Time and Faces') was positive, from my friend in England. How equally interesting that the latest comment, regarding the opening photo (a self-portrait), was from a series of sex sites, appropriately sent from 'Anonymous.' I realize that when one puts oneself up on the net, one opens oneself to all the world; we cannot stop who looks at us if we present ourselves to a greater, anonymous world full of people whose reactions and actions we cannot control. However, I find it rather distressing that this 'anonymous' commenter focused solely on one aspect of my blog - my physical appearance - and completely ignored any other aspects to the presentation displayed further in the blog. I find such a series of anonymously sent portals akin to the car full of guys honking as they pass the woman walking on the sidewalk, that my reaction should be: thank you! oh, I've been wondering when a sexist will notice how attractive I am and hopefully exploit me! thank you, thank you! Or, perhaps, Anonymous is working under the assumption that I didn't know all the wonderful, sexually shallow worlds that would open up for me once I finally received, and accessed, the list of websites so thoughtfully sent as a comment to my photo. The saying "all roads lead to Rome" becomes an apt metaphor for the internet: "all googling leads to porn." I don't need your "help," Anonymous, to search out what I would like to find while surfing the internet, sexual or otherwise. There's not much I can do if I have become your masturbatory fodder, which is strange considering how many more qualified candidates are available and advertise themselves as such. But, stay Anonymous; I choose to not be a part of that subversive, abrasive world where the soul is forgotten and the mind is useless. If you want to leave a comment then read the whole blog, don't focus on one aspect. I believe in 'live and let live'; but don't think that your 'anonymous' comment was greeted with joy or the welcome you perceived it would meet. The final word on the comment is "Enjoy:" enjoy what? Enjoy my life? Enjoy your links? If you had read "Breathe In and Gone," you may have noticed that I'm not simply interested in the 'shell' nor in the fact that others have only enjoyed my 'shell.' Just as I know that the people behind the masks of porn sites the world over are more than their shells, I'm responding to your comment with the proof that I am, indeed, more than mine.