Friday, August 22, 2008

The Back Courtyard at the Rosary Sisters' Guesthouse

Our hostess here was Sister Emerance. She's Palestinian and so lovely. I felt a little like I was hanging out with Nana: she loved to pet your hair and hold your hand and when she listened to you, she would lean in and put her hand on your back - a very loving, warm hand full of positive energy. The guesthouse has six bedrooms; while we were there, there were also two men from the States, a German mom and her two little boys, a family of six adults and another family of three adults. Our room had three beds, one of the most beautiful bathrooms I've ever seen (very modern and clean - I will be blogging about restroom facilities in Israel in the future. Stay tuned.), and the breakfast was fantastic: olives, cream cheese, bread, coffee, date jam (yum!), tomatoes and cucumbers. The 'back yard' is very peaceful with a statue of Mary surrounded by a very green, very overgrown garden. I could have stayed in the shade for hours writing.

This is the biggest lavender bush I've ever seen in my life.

I don't know whose house this is, but it's within the convent's walls. I have daydreams about renting it and writing, and writing, and writing while seated to the right of the door, beneath the big tree. I may need to buy a Tilly hat and a long, ecru linen skirt and men's white button-down to complete the look. I would be barefoot.

Mary in the garden looking toward the guesthouse/convent. I get a kick out of the satellite dish on the Sisters' roof. I imagine them sitting down in their habits after a long day of charitable works, praying and looking after their guests to watch American Idol or Jeopardy.

Another view of Mary. I love how peaceful and smart and very at-home she seems to be in the midst of all the green.


Anonymous said...

Jeepers, I felt the positive force of Sister Emerance just reading about her. Oh and how much do I love you for using the word, "ecru?" Love, Bij

RedFairyQueen said...

I used 'ecru' just for you and the girls. xo, T