Friday, August 22, 2008

A Little Backtracking

The weekend of July 18 and 19th, I went to Nazareth with Sarah and Joelle. My photos are not so great: my digital is very cute, but I don't particularly like the shots I get with it. Thank you for suffering with me. I will be processing soon the, hopefully, better photos that were taken with the Minolta and putting them up here.

Two views of Nazareth, from the entrance courtyard to the Rosary Sisters Convent where we spent the night.

Sarah photographing a very cool door. I love doors. Get ready to see many photos of doors and windows in upcoming posts.

Festive balloons and graffiti on one of the winding, very hilly alleys/streets in Old Nazareth. The first shot is without flash, the second with.

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