Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sarah Novah, as I called her, who knows herself well enough to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground.

Jess, looking south.

The 9th century BCE storehouse. This, and the house beside it from the 8th century (I could very well be mixing up my centuries regarding these two structures), were moved rock by rock from where they were originally discovered near the temple/palace to where they are now. The end-of-season feast was held in this building.

Part of Area A3. The line of rocks about halfway down the wall is where excavations in this area began at the beginning of the six week season. I came along half-way through this, and worked mostly to the left of where this photo shows our area.

Again, from atop the roof, looking west to the hills of Naphtali. At night, and in the early mornings, the hills twinkled with electric lights. It was very pretty. During the day, every day, it was hot, humid and combined with the work we were dirty and sweaty. It was amazing.

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