Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chamber Music at the YMCA

Last night, Mary and I went to the 11th Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival. Can you believe this is a Y?

The tower was closed when we arrived, so that a man could give a concert with bells from it. We were sad that we couldn't ascend to see what Mary raves is an amazing view, but really enjoyed the music as we dined on spinach quiche and salad. I'll go back and get more photos, both of the building and from the tower.



The Concert:

Mozart-Grieg -- Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major, k.545
Carter -- Gra for Solo Clarinet
Grieg -- Sting Quartet in G Minor, op. 27 (My personal favourite: the cellist was wonderfully expressive.)(and I don't care how high-falutin' that sounds, cuz it's true.)
Mozart -- Sonata for Bassoon and Cello in B Flat Major, k. 292
Mozart -- Piano Quartet No. 1 in G Minor, k. 478
Grieg -- Songs (arranged by the students of the Israel Academy of Arts and


Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful photo of you! You look very happy and peaceful (and impish) and no more than 21 years old.

Certainly the Y there is entirely different from Barrie's - your Y has much more character.

Chamber music sounds like it was wonderful. Take care my darling daughter...Love Mom

Julie said...

You're right (again) - these photos are MUCH better