Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Links - A whole new world

I figured out, all by myself, how to add links. Please check out Adrienne's blog - with its fantastic write-up on her evening in East Jerusalem last week - and also my friend Omar's blog. I'm in love with Omar's photography, and my next project is to figure out how he added a photo gallery to his blog. A photo gallery! I salivate at the thought that one day I, too, will have photo gallery to share with y'all.

I wrote the Biblical Hebrew placement exam this morning. The exam was made up of four passages, each about 4 verses long; the goal was to translate each then parse all the verbs in each passage. I admit it: my heart skipped a beat in excitement. I finished, sort of, two of the four passages comprising the exam. I say "sort of" because there were several words in both passages that I didn't recognize, but do take solace in the fact that there were many more I did. I did, however, nail 95% of the verbs I parsed - and nearly fell off my seat I was so happy to see Niphals and Hophals - represent! The exam was only two hours, and I definitely needed an hour per passage. I'm not upset that I didn't finish it but only look at this as part of the criteria by which my placement will be judged. Considering that I haven't done any Biblical Hebrew in the past six months, other than my own translations of Judges 4, and that I studied but not extensively, I think I did just fine.

Now I can read Michener's The Source guilt-free.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blog - such interesting reading - Shekhinah sounds fascinating - congratulations on your "A" - my wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, loving daughter! (Hope I got it right)...talk to you soon. Love you, Mom