Saturday, October 04, 2008

I've been trying to figure out a way to include links/whole albums on the blog but without much success. I can only upload five photos at a time here so it's been a slow process and I've much more to show you: an entire roll of film dedicated to Montefiore, or Yemin Moshe, the first settlement built outside Jerusalem's old city walls in the early 1800's; an audio recording of my class saying "Shana Tova" to me, my end of year gift from Ma'ya, one of my teachers, who had picked my name for our class' Secret Santa/Hanukkah Harry/Fatima for our end-of-Ulpan party; links, etc. Yes, I can read quickly and can learn a language fairly quickly, but I can't figure out how to do these things on my wee blog. So, I spoke with my resident expert on all things computer related, Jacob, and he's going to help me set up a web page. oooh, I think I may be getting into the big time!

Instead, here's a sample. All of these photos are from our fieldtrip to, and picnic in, Montefiore.
A cool view of the Old City/Ha'Ir Ha'Atiqa:

So, this shot is very interesting. As our class sat down on these steps to hear more of the history of this settlement, in Hebrew, some men were delivering groceries to the house at the back of the photo. The door was opened and you could see this fantastic sculpture of a man seated with a lamb across his lap. How cool is that? As I was getting the camera ready to take a shot, the woman of the house came out and started shouting - and I mean shouting - at the delivery guys. I was impressed with myself for knowing what she was saying in Hebrew (you were supposed to be here at 1 and now it's after 4, what's your problem, etc, etc). The delivery guy just stood there and took it and when she was done he started bringing in her groceries. The best part: Ma'ya was telling us all about the 'conflicti' between the Ashkenazis and the Sephardis; 'conflicti' was the word on these steps. I, though, was terrified that this woman would catch me taking a shot, without permission, of her courtyard, so Debbie did the honours on this shot. I'm so Canadian.

My amazing teachers, Ma'ya and Ronit:

My very cool class, Alef Sheva, minus me, Sahmer and Ronit:

Mary took this shot of me and Ma'ya.

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Richard said...

No comments on your blog recently, so I just want to let you know that we appreciate reading about your adventures.