Sunday, February 17, 2008

Archival, Sort of

From myspace, which I'm dismantling, and want to preserve this short note that I had written there last year.

My sister is way too cool (monday 5 february 2007)

can i tell you how happy i am that my younger sister no longer views 'feminist' as a dirty word? the first person who ever came out to me as a feminist was my brother, J, over 15 years ago, and my feeling of being impressed has now extended to our sister. she's 19 years younger than i am, in her first year of uni. i never looked at myself as that older, wiser influence on her: she teaches me as much about life and family dynamics as i do her. i love that she is outspoken and clever, that she doesn't view casual sex as a social experiment in gaining 'life experience,' that when i told her i'd just discovered Regina Spektor and that my favourite song of hers, so far, is 'Better,' she screamed, "me, too!" when em was little we used to dance to Sarah MacLachlin's 'Ice Cream' (or is it 'Chocolate'?); em would have been around 8 - little enough that i could still pick her up - and we would sing to each other: your love is better than ice cream/better than anything else that i've tried... as we twirled around the living room. she makes me laugh, and makes me think, and gives me hope.

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