Sunday, January 02, 2011

Adventures in the Mundane

I've been thinking, and I've been missing blogging. It seems that in the past few years, everyone I know is, well, not so much "anti-resolution," but not putting pressure on themselves to proclaim a bunch of unrealistic goals that will fizzle in intensity come Valentine's Day. So, despite the time of year I've decided to do this, I'm making a more committed goal to blog more often. My thinking to explain to myself my irregular blogging schedule over the past year and a half was this: I'm not on the road, I'm not experiencing anything internationally exotic (compared to my daily life), so obviously I have nothing interesting to contribute. Then, I thought about some of the blogs that I like to follow, which are glimpses into the daily lives of people I've never met but who inspire me greatly. And, really, I live in the most multicultural city in the world (so we're told) so my sighing whine-whine about non-exotic experiences is a moot point, considering the plethora of interesting, international folk I meet on a daily basis and the internationally-influenced stuff that happens around me. Let's take last night: five friends and I (backgrounds = Italian Montrealer, Russian Jew, Scot, Liverpudlian ex-pat, and me) went to Lee Garden in Chinatown (Dear Diary Moment: we got a table right away at 5pm, when we've waited 45 minutes every year for the past ten for our annual New Year's Day traditional feast), then drove five minutes to College Street to an Italian gelatarie for ice-cream crepes and lattes. We heard so many languages in our time together, and do so anytime we're out and about, that it's become mundane. We're used to walking down the street and catching snatches of French, English, Mandarin, Hebrew, Spanish, Farsi conversations. I love my city.

Happy Digression!

Anyway, I present you with one of my New Year's Resolutions: to blog weekly, if not more often, and not make it a pressure-y thing. And, go!

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