Thursday, February 12, 2009

Inclement Weather

Last week we enjoyed beautiful weather here in Jerusalem. I know what you're probably thinking: big deal. But, the temperatures did drop around Christmas-time, especially at night, and it's been chilly and rainy since then. My blood has thinned since my arrival, I guess, and I'm very grateful for the hat and mitts I had waited so patiently for from home. So, yes, last week the temperatures rose to between 17-25 degrees Celcius during the day, and on Monday it was very warm if overcast.

Then, Tuesday night we had a terrific thunderstorm. For several hours the storm was right on top of the city - incredible lightning was followed immediately by booming thunder during that time. Then the hail started and gave the landscape a coat of slushy snow. This aspect of Mother Nature seemed wilder than it would have at home: compared with a traditional Canadian winter when we live for snow days and pray that our pipes don't burst, this would have signalled the beginning of a season of storms. Even though it has been chilly for a couple of months, and Israel has received some of the rain it so desperately needs, for the most part it has been sunny and comfortably autumnal, from a Canadian perspective.

The view from the third floor:

The view from the safety of the awning at our building's main door:

Solid hail in the palm of Catherine's hand:

Yesterday it rained some more, was very chilly, and the walk to HU was a muddy mess. Today, I sat outside in a sweatshirt, yoga pants and flip-flops; there's a cool breeze but, when it's not whispering, the sun is warm. It feels like spring.

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